The Farkas Ékszer jewellery store was opened in 2003 by Márk Farkas, a first generation silversmith, jeweller, and goldsmith. Prior to opening his own jewellery store, Mr.Farkas attended various exhibitions showing his unique, custom-made products. These unique pieces are entirely hand made, but designed using the latest technological advances, such as CAD and 3D printing technology.

His many years of experience and professional commitment, the knowledge of materials used and his accuracy guarantees that these custom-made jewellery will meet the customers’ highest expectations.
In Hungary Farkas Ékszer was and still is the industry leader in the production of handmade titanium jewellery. Mr.Farkas is one of the few jewellers in Hungary, who creates custom jewellery using platinum and palladium, as well as gold and silver.

It takes between one and two weeks to produce your unique jewellery. Prices are calculated depending on the daily price of the materials used, and the level of difficulty it takes to make the jewellery. Besides creating custom-made jewellery, Farkas Ékszer also specializes in the repair and restoration of jewellery.

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